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Important points

Your type of car plays a role in the cost of car insurance in San Francisco
For certain types of vehicles, you will find an assortment of variables that determine how much you will pay for car insurance in San Francisco. The more power your vehicle has, the more likely you are to get into an accident. Since powerful cars are involved in more accidents, they are more expensive to cover. But an SUV can drive up the price of your car insurance in San Francisco because of its ability to inflict a significant amount of damage. If you’re looking to get car insurance, consider cars in the sedan, SUV or minivan group. The value of a vehicle affects the cost of its cover. It is ideal to consider cheaper vehicles in case you are looking for additional insurance savings.

Type of vehicle Average annual cost of car insurance

  • Average car $2,650
  • Luxury car $3,180
  • SUV $1,965
  • Van $1,935
  • Truck 1,875

Where you live in San Francisco affects the cost of car insurance

  • Annual savings on car insurance in small cities near San Francisco = 16 %
  • Annual car insurance savings in medium-sized cities near San Francisco = 8 %

The amount that informs the post office where you live can save or cost you thousands of dollars a year on car insurance in San Francisco. Car insurance policy price displays by postcode have little to do with car manufacturers and models and are related to crime. Cities with high levels of accidents and theft claims generally see higher insurance prices because specific postcodes are grouped by companies into risk classes. City drivers always pay more than those living in the countryside. In other words, more cars means more accidents. Postcodes with less developed roads may see higher car insurance prices.



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